im sorry i haven’t been making gifs lately 

college and stuff but more gifs coming soon!!! :D

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That lip Bite tho!
YouNow! Kc <3
briannaluvsyuhh: I love your blog!!! Your gifs are amazing! What do you use?

Thank You!

I use Photoshop :]

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notallsuperheoswearcapes: can i just vent how much i love JC Caylen like I cannot stop wataching his videos and Im hoping ill be allowed to go to Play list live and omg hes so perft ! and so is oursecondlife! no one gets my love for youtube people ahahahaha sorry i just had to.

ITS OKAY OMFG!!! COme vent to me whenever YOu Like MMMK!! <3 

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE JC!!! and i have no real life friends that feel the way i do about YOutube people ;^; I feel yoh pain! Jc is such a perfect guy it kills me. He seems like such a wonderful dude :’]

"I just made this up"
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